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Finding The Zone eBook
Attack Style Wrestling

Finding The Zone eBook

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What's Inside? 

  • Discover a Rock Solid Routine to Over Perform Every Match!
  • Crush Negative Thoughts and Create Tunnel Vision at Will
  • Consume Your Mind with Positive Thoughts and Win All the Close Matches

    Learn the techniques and strategies that are used by the most elite athletes in the world to reach their highest levels of performance on a consistent basis.

    Develop a step-by-step routine that will deliver you to your optimum mindset for every competition.

    Wrestling Is 90% Mental - What Does This Mean?

    Don’t think that you aren’t mentally tough!  Mental toughness is developed like any other skill.  Armed with the strategies, routines and tactics in this book you will be the “Gamer” you always wanted to be and start winning the big matches on a more consistent basis.